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Hier der aktuelle Report der FIFPRo über die Überlastung der Spieler

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Dieser neue Bericht zeigt eindeutig, dass die Grenzen erreicht sind.

FIFPRO General Secretary Jonas Baer-Hoffmann said: "Our ongoing research provides new evidence of the excessive demands on elite players. We are now observing a growing awareness among players about the harmful effects these pressures have on their performance, careers, and personal lives. They realise that their match calendar is not sustainable, affects their mental and physical health, and leaves them exposed, and without any protection, to an accelerated cycle of poorly coordinated competitions.

“The current discussions on the match calendar and competition design for the period from 2024 continue to give priority to commercial objectives over the basic health and safety of elite players. Expanded competition formats announced by competition organisers for club and national teams underline the growing cannibalisation of the match calendar. Those same competition organisers also carry a responsibility as regulators of the game. Despite contrary assurances, we are extremely worried players will continue to be the last consideration in forthcoming decisions.”

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